Application form (will be available in December 2018)

To send the application form, please use the "save as" button at the end of the last page of the application form or send it directly using the field on the top right of the form. Please do not print a pdf or scan a print-out.

Evaluation letter form

Two confidential English letters of evaluation shall be sent by email by the evaluators to gsefm.exams[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de. Alternatively, they can be sent by mail in sealed envelopes by the evaluators or by the candidate. The letters of evaluation consist of an evaluation form and a written statement. At least one of the letters of evaluation shall be provided by an active faculty member of a university. It is advisable to submit specific letters of evaluation for each program focusing on the candidates particular strengths in the respective area.

Please check the Application Dossier section for detailed information about how to submit your application.