Campus Facilities

The Goethe University Frankfurt’s Campus Westend is ideally located at the Northern edge of Frankfurt’s downtown. Frankfurt’s main shopping district as well as restaurants, bars, theaters and other recreational facilities are all within walking distance.  Despite its proximity to the bustling city, the campus is nestled in a burst of peaceful green parkland. It's located next to the beautiful "Grüneburgpark" and just a few minutes away from the famous "Palmengarten" displaying a wide selection of plants from every continent. The buildings of Campus Westend are based around the Neo-Realist IG Farben Building, while immediately beyond the campus boundaries you can find splendid art deco residences and cutting-edge modernist architecture.

The Campus Westend is part of a significant investment by the State of Hessen to build a new site for the Goethe University. The House of Finance is an elegant five-story building, inaugurated in early 2008. Encompassing 14,000 square meters and featuring state-of-the-art technology, the building offers ideal working conditions, including high tech seminar rooms, study rooms, and its own library. The House of Finance serves as an academic center that also regularly brings together a network of the economic and financial, political, and scientific communities.