Ph.D. and/or Quantitative Master of Science

GSEFM offers four Ph.D. programs in Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Marketing. Each one of them includes a two-year cycle of courses for students arriving with a Bachelor degree, with a fast-track option of only one year of course work for those arriving with a quantitative Master degree in the relevant discipline (students who opt for the fast-track option must initially pass the Qualifying Examinations taken at the end of the first year by students enrolling in the full two-year cycle). The curricula of all programs pay special attention to helping students with a smooth transition from the course phase to the dissertation writing phase. They also contain various structural elements in the dissertation writing phase (including a third-year research paper course/requirement, transferable skills courses, and a job market course), intended to help students to complete their doctoral education and insert themselves in the labor market in the most efficient way.

The Ph.D. programs are complemented by three corresponding, research-oriented Master programs in Quantitative Economics, Quantitative Finance, and Quantitative Marketing, collectively called "Quantitative Master of Science" or "MSQ" programs. First-year students in these programs participate in the same set of analytically rigorous and quantitatively oriented courses than the Ph.D. students. Those who complete the first year of any MSQ program with strong success have the option of joining the corresponding Ph.D. program, and are strongly encouraged to do so. Second year MSQ students have the option of enrolling in courses with an emphasis on policy issues and/or on issues of implementation.

The structure and curricula of all programs allow students to earn both an MSQ and a Ph.D. degree in a total of four years.